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The Society for Construction Law for Africa (SCLA) is proud to announce its launch in South Africa, the first ever construction law association on the continent.

Affiliated to the Society for Construction Law for the UK, SCLA was founded in 2013 by advocate Johan Beyers and attorney Stoffel Ackermann to promote education, study and research in the field of construction law and related subjects. “The society provides a real platform for the development of construction law in South Africa and the African continent, which has to date enjoyed no formal recognition in any graduate law course at any university in South Africa,” said advocate Beyers.  He added, “This is despite the large contribution that the construction industry makes to the GDP of South Africa and Africa as a whole.”

In addition to promoting research and study, the society publishes useful results of research in the field of construction law on the African continent. With the purpose of advancing participation in and the development of the field of construction law in Africa, the SCLA hosts meetings, lectures and workshops in addition to publishing construction law related papers received by the society.

“Construction law is a dynamic field which directly affects participants in all sectors of the built environment, including contractors, employers, legal professionals, architects, engineers, quantity surveyors and project managers,” said Stoffel Ackermann.

The SCLA joins construction law societies from around the world, including a number of countries in Europe, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand, in their affiliation to The Society of Construction Law for the U.K, which was founded in 1983.

The Society welcomes new members and encourages potential members who are considering membership to join one of the meetings or events to be able to fully understand the benefits which accrue to members.

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